Feed Bins:  Prices:
10 ton  $4950  10 wide
15 ton  $5450   10 wide  
20 ton  $5950    10 wide 
26 ton  12 foot wide $6450
30 ton 12 foot wide  $7250
36 ton 12 foot wide  $8000
40 ton 12 foot wide  $9000 has extra heavy legs
Custom commercial material bins for sand blasting,
bead blasting and other applications can be build to any size or tonnage. 
the price of steel has stabilized some so we should 
be OK at this price till mid winter if there are no more price shocks. 918-213-5042

Options:       Price:
Wind Socks   included  
we have a new company building wind socks. if 
you need a sock replacement call Hays Awning co.
 at 918-534-1663  in Dewey OK. single bin is a # 19 sock ..double bin is  #25 sock   they will also custom build for you. 

Top door opener   included

3 different dumps available  no extra

Dump opener from ground    free

bucket filler from ground       $250

Custom colors       No extra

Paint inside   $250

Paint tile clad epoxy inside   $500

Dividers​ double or triple  from $900 to $1250
​600 on the 10 foot wide bins
Digital Load Scales 
1000 lbs capacity     hoper        $2500
scale that weighs the whole bin 80,000 lb cap. $3000 

Delivery $1.50 per loaded mile .... $1.25 in oklahoma, $250 minimum charge.

we deliver to anywere in US, Canada, and Mexico